About us

Building Wealth

Regal Africa was established in 2015 to enable our clients to “Create Wealth” We at the Regal Africa group assist clients to invest in Real Estate and Professionally Managed investment options. We work with clients looking to invest in Africa by enabling them to create wealth and also create impact in the communities that they invest in.

We create value for our clients by providing the best advisory services and training to enable our clients to achieve their strategic wealth goals. Our team brings together great experience in the Real Estate, Investments, Financial Services, Financial Management, Management Consulting, Global trade and Wealth Management industries and they all have advanced education having acquired the right expertise and knowledge, with a focus on Finance, Real Estate and Strategy. Our team members have global exposure thus understanding the trends and best practices when offering advisory services to our global clients. These qualities ensure that Regal Africa puts our clients first and ensure that we create value in all our engagements with clients.

Families and Investment Groups

For Families and Investment Groups in Africa, we are looking to solve the issue of lack of trusted professional wealth advice, where clients can make the right investment decisions to ensure wealth is created and managed effectively for generations to come. We are seeing the erosion of family wealth when the founders of family businesses and parents pass on, due to lack of proper estate planning, succession planning or cohesive way of managing the family estate. lack of information and professional guidance has ensured that most families lose their wealth and lose family relations due to fighting about family assets and leadership. Our wealth advisory service ensures that African families are Building generational wealth in an efficient and effective manner.


We at the Regal Africa Group work with organizations (Businesses, Institutions and Governments) to make the right financial decisions in the organizations. We advise on Real Estate, Investments and Pensions portfolios, by doing our due diligence on the opportunities and then facilitating the uptake of the investment solutions. We also work with organizations to promote financial wellness in their teams, to ensure productivity of the organization.

We are an independent company with global partnerships and networks, which means that our recommendations are based on the client's best interest as we strive to serve you and to provide world class service and we ensure that all our recommendations are exceptional. We strive to be innovative, client centric and provide excellence in all our interactions with our clients.

Our Vision

To be the preferred Real Estate and Wealth Advisory firm in East Africa

Our Mission

To assist our clients in their wealth creation and wealth management journey, through our Real Estate and Wealth Advisory services.

Our Core Values

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Client Centric
  • Knowledge
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork

Our 3 Core Businesses

  • Regal Africa Properties
  • Regal Africa Wealth Advisory
  • Training