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The RegalAfrica TV Channel is a business online media network that focuses on showcasing business news and stories in Africa: Our content focuses on Trade and Investments and the transformation of Africa by Africans around the world and friends of Africa. The goal is Sharing "WEALTH NEWS" to the world from Africa.

Regal Africa Events

At the Regal Africa group we promote more Africa Trade and Investments by partnering with like minded organizations. We have events like the Africa Trade Conference, Africa Wealth Conference, Trade Missions, Trade & Investment training services.

Regal Africa Diaspora Connect

Diaspora Connect is an initiative to engage the African Diaspora to participate in Africa Trade (Exports to their host country) and Invest in Africa in the productive industries that create wealth and create impact in communities.

Anne Wambui Gaitha

Our Founder is an Africa Trade and Investments Expert and as a global thought leader on the African continent, she shares her experiences and insights on how Africa can transform its economic fortunes, by increasing more Intra Africa trade, Global trade exports and growing more investments on the continent.

Corporate Social Initiative

At the Regal Africa Group we are focused on promoting Financial Literacy in Africa through our personal financial management program called PesaPlan and our entrepreneurial training program called BiasharaPlan. We continuously work to ensure that our clients create wealth by being more financially literate through quality financial education and ensuring that we work with MSME’s and Corporates in the region to ensure that we have economic growth in the communities they serve. We strive to ensure that our communities have good financial health and overall well being, there is responsible consumption and production of goods and services.

We have also taken the initiative to ensure that our business strategy aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals, which are ingrained in our DNA and Business Model.

No Poverty

Regal Africa is all about “Creating Wealth”, by helping our clients create wealth we ensure no poverty as they use their wealth to impact the community.

No Hunger

Through our wealth advisory services, we encourage clients to invest in profitable agribusiness ventures that will ensure that we end hunger and reduce inequality.

Gender Equality

As a woman owned and run business we espouse the principle of equality through our employment policies.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our events especially the annual trade conference promote trade that creates decent work and Africa economic growth.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We constantly find opportunities for our clients to invest their private wealth in these areas giving life to the ideas of the future.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Through our Real Estate services, we create value for our corporate clients by finding green Real Estate solutions for their organizations. We also support affordable housing development and acquisition through favourable mortgages in sustainable cities and communities.

We look forward to partnering with other organizations who believe in the importance of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), so as to provide solutions to the challenges faced by many communities globally.
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